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Buddha to Buddha: Embrace Life


Buddha to Buddha was born in 1997 during a meditation holiday in Asia. In his quest, the brand’s founder wanted to capture the deeper experience of both contemplation and celebration. He drew a sketch of a bracelet and a sample was made by a local silversmith. The first bracelet was born and named after its creator, Batul. The brand is inspired by the Buddha to Buddha way of life; the philosophy of living consciously and enjoying, making the most of each day in an easy-going and natural manner, an Eastern, almost spiritual approach.

Currently the collection consists of more than a hundred different types of jewelry including bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. All pieces are made of 925 Sterling Silver, sometimes combined with precious stones and leather.


Designed in Amsterdam | Made in Bali

 Buddha to Buddha: Designed in Amsterdam | Made in Bali


Through the years Buddha to Buddha became renowned for its handmade premium bracelets. The Buddha to Buddha jewellery collection is the embodiment of that deeper feeling. Designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted by the finest silversmiths in Bali. But Buddha to Buddha Jewelry is more than just adornments. It’s a lifestyle. A style that embraces life. That embraces the contradictions in life. It connects and shines like 925 sterling silver and it’s raw and warm like leather. Solid and organic. Buddha to Buddha is pure in its extremes. No blending. No compromises. 100% passion and pride.

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Buddha to Buddha

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