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Monika Knutsson

 Photo: Stefania Curto for New York Times


Monika Knutsson: Three generations of unique craftsmanship and one idea


The Gilded Lace collection is jewelry designed and made by Monika Knutsson, a third generation lace artist. Monika Knutsson uses vintage circular lace from the early to mid – 1900's to create her latest jewelry designs. The Swedish-born designer searches for antique fabrics in New York, Paris, and Berlin at various flea markets, culling lace from vintage dresses, petticoats, and linens. After cutting and shaping each piece at her studio, Monika Knutsson then dips the lace in Sterling Silver, 24k Yellow Gold, or 18k Rose Gold. For some pieces, she adds delicate pearls, striking geodes, or semiprecious stones.

The vintage lace is hand-made and mostly comes from petticoats, corset covers, and the bottoms of bloomers. Her inspiration for the designs comes from studying the way lace was fitted on men’s and women’s clothing during the first half of the 20th century. The jewelry pieces are named after Early Broadway Girls, such as Clara (Bow) and Tallulah (Bankhead), who sported lace undergarments.


Beyonce / Mrs.Carter Show World Tour (Photo: Nick Farrell)

 Beyonce / Mrs.Carter Show World Tour (Photo: Nick Farrell)


Monika's work has earned her a devoted following. Beyoncé owns a couple of pieces, and has worn her Leopoldine Calais lace teardrop earrings on stage at the Mrs.Carter Show world tour. The singer’s mother, Tina Knowles, owns the Eliane embroidered lace cuff, which she wore on an Ebony cover. The gilded lace collection is a beautiful choice for bridal wear accessories, and will stand out in any event.

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