Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care


Yaf Sparkle Fine Jewelry is handcrafted and many times made upon order with materials available on the market at the time. As such, no two pieces will ever look alike. When cleaning, please avoid excessive force to prevent cracking or breakage. Gently brush your Gold or Silver jewelry with water and mild soap until it's clean. If force is applied on the piece or falls on the ground, there is a possibility that the material will crack, break, or stones will get dislodged. Rinse with cold water and dry with soft cloth - do not expose to chlorine, chemicals or hand-lotions / perfumes.

Always try to be gentle with your jewelry and take it off during sports or hard work. Try to follow The Golden Rule: last on, first off! Put on your jewelry on after all you apply all your beauty necessities. You don't want hairspray, make-up or any other products getting on your jewelry pieces. Take your jewelry off, when you are about to go to bed and store it in a safe and dry location. If you follow this rule alone, your jewelry will shine for a long time. Also, try to store your jewelry separate from other jewelry pieces and abrasive materials to avoid scrapes and scratches. It is a common mistake is to leave jewelry exposed in a bag that is filled with other items. Consider keeping your Yaf Sparkle jewelry in the jewelry box it comes in.

Yaf Sparkle Fine Jewelry is made by hand with high quality metals and gemstones. Handle your jewelry with care, and you will get to enjoy it for a long time.



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