The hardest substance produced by nature has been widely used since the beginning of the times. But, did you know that it wasn’t until the 19th century when diamonds became valuable? European women started wearing them at their social events, increasing their popularity in the jewelry industry. Here’s ten facts you probably didn’t know about diamonds!


10 facts about diamonds you probably didn't know


1-The first person who used a diamond engagement ring was Mary of Burgundy, Archduke Maximillian’s wife. Her piece featured an M made of diamonds.

2-Many kings from ancient cultures wore diamonds during their battles. They strongly believed that they give their wearer strength and courage to overcome any obstacle.

3-Its 3,106 carats made the Cullinan diamond be the largest ever found. It was cut into more than a hundred diamonds to create King Edward’s crown jewels, which you can admire in the Tower of London.

4-Carbonado diamonds, found in South America and Africa, have been formed in an interstellar environment. These extremely unique gemstones were formed 3 billion years ago by the impact of an asteroid on the Earth.

5-Diamonds are sorted into three categories: gems, industry and boart. Only 30% of the diamonds mined worldwide are considered gem-quality.

6-Because of their incredible strength, they are widely used for industrial purposes, such as cutting, polishing and drilling.

7- In ancient Greece, people believed diamonds were the tears of Gods.

8-Their name comes from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning “invincible” or “indestructible”.

9-The four C’s measure diamonds’ cut, color, clarity and carat. Their carat is affected by the cutting and polishing process, reducing some raw finds by up to half of its weight.

10-Even though diamonds can come in every color, colored diamonds such as blue, pink and red are very rare, stones with a high clarity in particular. Their color is usually caused by radiation exposure and the hydrogen in their composition.

What's your favorite fact about diamonds? ;)