Among our long list of new year resolutions is creating a comprehensive list of gift ideas for Wedding Anniversaries. We will kick off the series with the 13th anniversary, for the simple fact that we had many men come into our store that searched online for "Lace jewelry" and were so happy with what they found that we thought we HAD to share our fabulous gift solution. As described by "Lace is the traditional AND modern material so definitely a gift with lace in it, is right on target." In other words, look no further than Monika Knutssons "Gilded Lace Collection".



Browse Monika Knutsson's Gilded Lace Collection now and get inspired! We will be happy to tell you more about the date and origin of the lace used, about the process of how the jewelry is made and more.

Monika is a 3rd generation lace artist, who watched her grandmother sew lace when she grew up, and later on her mother do the same. She decided to follow in the footsteps of previous generations, but to add a twist that enriches the lace with Gold. The Gilded Lace collection was born. We are proud to carry such amazingly crafted jewelry, that is so unique and special. Shop Monika Knutsson's collection here or stop by in our Boutique on 158 Orchard Street. See you soon!