We make our jewelry to stand the test of time and remain beautiful as long as possible. In order to do so, we have to be gentle with our pieces and avoid doing certain things that can produce damage on them. Here’s our tips to keep your jewelry like it’s new!


1-Follow the golden rule “Last on, first off!”. Always try to put on your jewelry after you have applied all your beauty necessities, and take it off before showering, swimming, exercising, or washing your hands. We do this to avoid contact with chemicals, lotions and perfumes.


2-In order to clean it and keep it shiny, gently rub the jewelry with a soft, dry tissue to remove debris. To polish your sterling silver jewelry, use a soft 100% cotton cloth. Remember that silver is a very soft metal so it should be handled with care.


3-For a deeper cleaning, gently brush your gold or silver jewelry with water and mild soap. If force is applied on the piece or falls on the ground, there is a possibility that the material will crack, break, or stones will get dislodged. Rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth.


5 tips to keep your jewelry like it’s new


4-Store your jewelry in a safe place. The fabric pouches that come with your purchases are an excellent way to store them. Don’t store your pearls next to other jewelry, they can be damaged by scratching. Keep each piece separately, so that harder stones don’t scratch softer ones.


5-Never remove rings by pulling on the stone: this habit can cause a loose gem.

It is good to do a professional cleaning from time to time to maintain the sparkle of your jewelry, especially when it comes to precious stones.


Tell us, what are your rituals to keep your jewelry shiny? :)