The new season is just around the corner, and it’s going to be your most stylish! Cleverly accessorized, your outfits will look in a completely different way and will make you feel elegant and classy. It’s just a matter of picking the right pieces, and we already did for you ;)


Rose Quartz Solitaire Ring


The solution to every special occasion. There’s nothing better than a solitaire ring for social events when you want to keep it simple. The rose quartz gemstone will seamlessly match any outfit, turning it into effortlessly chic.

Pyrite Earrings


The uniqueness definition in a pair of earrings, a bold piece only for the daring. The pyrite gemstone and the hand applied brushed gold finish create an interesting color contrast. Wear them with ponytails and buns to squeeze all their potential.

Yaf Sparkle Footchain


Breathtaking sexy jewelry. Foot chains not only look amazing at the beach, they also transform the way your classic high-heels look on you. They are excellent for all seasons!

Yaf Sparkle Double Pearl Bodychain


Body chains transform any plain and boring outfit into a breathtaking look. The clasp is adjustable to enhance every body shape, and the freshwater pearls will make you feel as classy as ever!

Yaf Sparkle Heavy Plated Bar Climbers


Who doesn’t have a pair of studs? Simple studs are a must-have in any jewelry case. They will add daintiness to absolutely any outfit, which makes them a great accessory to invest in. Wear them as studs, climbers or second piercings, their potential is endless!

Yaf Sparkle Mesh Necklace


The most feminine piece you can think of! This mesh necklace catches the light at every turn, and gives its wearer multiple possibilities. As a scarf, open or knotted, no matter how you wear it this mesh necklace is always an eye-catcher.

What will you add to your wishlist? ;)