With its powers to increase self-discipline, intuition and mental clarity, September’s birthstone is ideal to make ideas come to fruition and accomplish goals. Also known as the wisdom stone, it stimulates concentration, joy and peace of mind.


As a variety of Corundum mineral, Sapphire can come in a wide variety of colors, such as yellow and green. However, Sapphire’s most popular color is blue, in different degrees of opacity.


Often named as the gem of the gems, it’s believed to bring protection, good fortune and spiritual insight to its wearer. It has been considered as a stone of wisdom and royalty by every religion, often associated with sacred things.


For instance, in the Ancient Greece, people would wear it at the Delphi oracle, as they believed it would help when seeking answers. In the Christian tradition it has been used in ecclesiastical rings, while Hindus use Sapphire in their offerings to the Gods.


A few words about sapphire


All in all, Sapphire is extremely valuable for its beauty and rarity, but also for being a great assistance in overall personal growth, this precious gemstone will enhance your creativity, intuition, memory and intellect.


What sapphire pieces do you own? :) Have a blessed day!