Every piece of jewelry tells a story, let it tell your love story! Each anniversary year has its own traditions. In this post, we’re breaking them down for you with gift ideas from our collection. Enjoy!


For the first anniversary, not only are we celebrating the beautiful memories, but also the amazing future with your significant other. Go for gold, pick any piece of jewelry in yellow, rose or white gold. A good idea is exchanging gold rings, usually simple stacking bands. Even though there’s no rules about which finger you should wear an anniversary ring on, most people wear it on their right-hand ring finger, so that it doesn’t distract attention from their engagement rings and wedding bands.


Vieri Tiny Mandala Gold Ring



Vieri Tiny Clouds Gold Ring



Gurhan Hoopla Interlock Necklace


Garnet is the traditional stone for celebrating second anniversaries. It’s considered a symbol of love, its deep red color represents the heart and inner fire. It’s been widely used to enhance relationships, including friendships.


Delanacre Mousheka Earrings



Sarah Michiko Oval Garnet Ring



Sarah Michiko Cluster Garnet Ring


Yaf Sparkle Cabouchon Garnet Ring


Pearl is the traditional gem for the third anniversary.They are symbols of pure love, loyalty and integrity, which has made them a popular gift to strengthen relationships. If you want to go for something extra special, go for blue pearls.


Yaf Sparkle Fan Earrings



Julie Vos Drop Pearl Earrings



Gurhan Dew Hoop Earrings



Delanacre Boudoir Pendant


More anniversary gifting traditions coming soon!