Happy Birthday if you are born in March! Did you know that the name of the March Birthstone; Aquamarine, comes from two Latin Words, "Aqua" and "Marina", meaning “Water of the Sea”? The name is reminiscent of the beautiful shades of Blue that this Gemstone holds, light to dark and ever moving like the sea. Your Gemstone contains many extraordinary properties, utilized throughout history! The ancient philosopher Pliny was just one of many who praised Aquamarines’ name. Multiple uses were applied using Aquamarine to cure eye diseases, as well poisoning. In the 1300’s it became very popular with Royalty, who were constantly in danger of being poisoned. Warriors also wore this Gemstone for protection in battles, while sailors wore Aquamarine to help guide them through the open seas. The Aquamarine is said to have powers of clarity, which is why it has been used in Crystal Balls since the Middle Ages. Queen Elizabeth I even used one with her advisor John Dee to help find her perfect date for her coronation.

So where does this wonder Gem come from? A modern day Geologist will tell you from the mines of Brazil, as well as Angola, Kenya, central Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Mozambique, Pakistan, the Ural Mountains in Russia, Tanzania, Colorado / USA, and Zambia. However, if we asked one of our ancestors, you would be told to search for a mermaid's treasure box, not only this, but also the mermaids make them from their own tears before they treasure them.


Aquamarine is the birthstone of March


The greatest gift it is said to offer, is the revival of old love, and the absorption of young love with which it does great things. A belief held by the Romans was that to carve a Frog into an Aquamarine, would bring reconciliation among enemies and create friendships.

The Egyptians wore a Frog carved Aquamarine for different reasons. Midwives and mothers wore this for protections and blessing from their God of Birth Heqet. Aquamarine comes in a plethora of shades and hues of blues and greens, each unique and individualistic to the person it belongs. This Gem has been used for protection and healing for centuries. While the magic it holds may or may not be myth, the love put into our Aquamarine jewelry is definitely real.

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