Happy Birthday April babies! This is truly a time for love and celebration, because your birthstone is... drum roll please...the Diamond! Everybody know this is the most precious and therefore expensive of birthstones, but clearly, you’re worth it. The name of your stone comes from the late Latin name, Diamas, which derived from the Latin name, Adamas, which itself originated from the Greek term meaning invincible, and untamed.

In Sanskrit, the Diamond is called Vajra, which means lightning. In Hindu mythology this was the weapon used by Indra, the King of Gods. There is no denying that this Gem is fierce. Early uses for it were as a tool to carve into metal, and refract light, while others used it as a talisman of protection or ingested it for its healing properties. These healing properties are a myth however so do not try this at home. Many others recognized it’s beauty, and chose to adorn themselves with it.


Diamond is the birthstone of April

The first recorded Diamond find was in India 4th Century B.C. These were mostly traded along the Silk Road, which was the trade route connecting India and China. These precious Gems were then made known to the Western world in 327 B.C by way of Alexander the Great, who lived up to his name by bringing in Diamonds from India. Ancient Romans especially loved Diamonds, Pliny the Elder wrote that Diamonds are, “the substance that possesses the greatest value, not only among the precious stones, but of all human possessions.” We now know that it is also the oldest possession one can have - a dinosaur’s bone is yesterday’s news compared to a Diamond.

If you are wondering how the Diamond is formed at all, we have you covered. A Diamond is created in four simple steps. The first step starts with Carbon Dioxide 100 Miles underneath the Earth's’ surface. After this, 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit heat is required. The third step is applying 725,000 pounds per square inch of pressure to said CO2. Last but not least, the fourth step is merely to propel this Diamond up to the Earth’s surface to cool down. This leaves us with a beautiful, but rough, Diamond, waiting to be collected, cut and polished soon.

For centuries the art of Diamond cutting became continuously more popular, giving us the beautiful Diamond shapes we have today; each one created to show off the Diamonds dazzling beauty, and stunning light refraction.


Emerald Cushion Princess Ascher cut visualized



All that’s left for you to do is pick your favorite and take it home! The Diamond shows us that there is much more than superficial beauty, there is strength. It teaches us that under pressure not to cave, and you will go further and become better than you ever dreamed. This is truly a precious Gem. Be sure to check our Diamond jewelry from different local and international Designers right here.