Not only is this stone considered by Ancient Egyptians as, “The Stone of the Sun”, but it is the National Gem of Egypt!


It is widely known how fond of Emeralds Cleopatra was, but unbeknownst to them back then, Emeralds were often confused with Peridots. In fact, people believe the Emerald mine she owned, was Peridot!




Another case of mistaken identity of the Peridot is the Shrine of the Three Kings. This shrine is centuries old, and was found to hold the bones of Philip I, Archbishop of Cologne. While this beautiful “Relic of the Magi” is adorned with 200 Carats of Gems, the green beauties originally thought to be Emeralds are Peridots! Now that we are able to identify Gemstones much more accurately, we can help cement the place in history Peridot should rightly hold!


Ready to know how the Peridot is formed... It comes from LAVA!! How hot is that? Peridot crystals are formed in Magma, and then brought to surface from Volcanic activity whenever nature chooses to.

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Now it is time for the list I humbly call: Celebrity Birthstone Doppelgangers! Among the August babies that proudly call Peridot their Birthstone are Jason Momoa,

Charlize Theron

Martha Stewart

Tom Brady

Abigail Spencer

Anna Kendrick

Viola Davis

Chris Hemsworth

Mila Kunis

Halle Berry

Steve Martin and

Jennifer Lawrence