During one of the long, leisurely sails in the Long Island Sound, Maya started to see the hardware that adorned her 1971 Mariner as possible jewelry designs. But it is not only the hardware that provides inspiration in the Crusoe collection, but also the shapes and lines that can be found throughout the marine world. Maya, what kind of materials are you using? The designs are crafted in matte bronze, matte silver, or a combination of the two. I specifically use silver and bronze to reflect vintage hardware, as well as each metal naturally develops its own distinctive patina overtime. Giving each piece a matte finish gives the designs a softer feel compared to traditional high polish. What inspires you when you think of making jewelry? The greatest source of inspiration is the maritime world, where I take shapes and the hardware found throughout and interpret into distinctive designs. Whether its the waves that lap against the boat or the winch that cranks the sails up, there are endless possibilities to create unusual designs. What do you like about handmade jewelry? Working for legendary brands John Hardy, Gurhan and Lalique, which are all hand-crafted around the world in Bali, Turkey and France respectively, I was incredibly impressed by the artisans that created each piece. The attention to detail and love that is put into every design is incredible. I felt it was important that my designs reflect that as well. Especially as the world is moving towards computer-based designing and even creation, I wanted to take a step back and utilize techniques that are timeless. Check out Maya Ahluwalia's Crusoe Collection under Category "Designers".