Today I want to share with you a company I came across during my research, looking for an LED magnifier lamp. I ended up choosing the Lightview XL lamp from Brightech, and I wasn't sure what to expect at that price...


Jewelry Magnifier


This 2-in1 lamp currently currently goes for $95 with another 10% off for subscribers (free shipping, you guessed it). It has a really solid stand, but with the sturdiness/weight comes a certain size. Should you run out of space on your workbench, just attach the additional arm and make a floor lamp out of it. Very convenient however, I left it on my bench for now. I think I just love heavy things that ground my surroundings ;) Anyways, the real question for me was the quality of the light. Is it comfortable for the eyes, with a steady output in color and shape? And yes it is, in fact I was surprised how much I love this light and my eyes even more. I'm prone to headaches, so good light can be a life changer for me. It brought me back to researching some more about the company, and quickly I started to like their whole line up quite a bit. I got myself another magnifier lamp, which is even less, plus it offers to change color and intensity of the light.


Floor Lamp Maxwell


It was only after that, that I ran into this floor lamp on their page, maybe it's a new design. It's $62, (minus 10%), so it ended up on my shopping year new lights I thought :) . Let me know what you think if you get yourself one, are you as pleased as I am?