Monika Knutsson Cuban collection


Cuban craftsmanship many times was born out of scarcity. The same is true for Carmen Fiol's designs, who fought a long and stubborn fight for her right to pursue a career in fashion. It is said that in over 70 years of creating, not once has she made the same design twice. Monika Knutsson discovered Fiol’s designs on her first visit to Cuba in 2017, shortly after the designer’s death. She returned this spring, becoming acquainted with Fiol’s ingenious dressmaking techniques, artfully combining her ethereal geometric and floral-motif laces with pintucks.


The lace, says Knutsson, “was used less as embellishment and more to give the garment structure, flow and air.” Check out this new exciting collection, experience the vibrancy of Cuban culture and Monika Knutsson's talent to transform lace into timeless jewelry creations.

Monika Knutsson



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