Imagine this: An 82 year old man celebrates his 50th wedding anniversary with the love of his life. Just a few weeks later, he looses his band while gardening in his backyard. His wife is not worried at all, "it will come back" she says. She would be right. Six months after her passing, the man is in his garden to pick his carrots and finds his wedding ring grown into one of mother earths gifts.

This miraculous story is almost too good to be true. I cannot even imagine the emotions that overcame him, when his wife seemed so incredibly close all of a sudden. I am sure he smiled skywards and said "thank you my angel".


Wedding band unearthed


The value of jewelry? In my experience, no single piece of possession is as irreplaceable to its owner as a piece of jewelry. No pair of earrings and no necklace was ever a neccessity, and yet I don't know anybody who would keep a smartphone over jewelry if one had to choose. Every day, I am blessed to be chosen as a trusted supporter by people who value a precious gift, be it for themselves or their loved ones. The energy that is created when someone says "That's the perfect piece!" is just incredible. Through the good and the bad, this piece will adorn its wearer, give a sense of pride and joy, and it will undeniably stand for love. We are looking forward to helping you find the perfect gift, irreplaceable for 50 or more years.