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Diamond Engagement Ring


of the four C's require your utmost attention. The writer states, that


"couples today are more and more influenced by trends. “Sentimentality and tradition are large factors. But the new gold standard - is platinum,” says Dean Lederman, of James Allen, a leading online jewelry retailer, illustrating how trendsetters may opt for other colors, such as pink, blue or yellow, such as best-selling author and fashion designer Lauren Conrad whose engagement ring was a traditional round-cut diamond, but set in a more nontraditional yellow gold band. Though “the classic investment from a diamond standpoint,” agrees Torsten Flaegel, Executive Director of Yaf Sparkle Boutique (yafsparkle.com), “remains the round brilliant cut.”

But while a white round diamond may be the traditionally preferred popular choice of engagement ring buyers, from Princess Diana’s (and now Kate Middleton’s) blue sapphire ring to Mariah Carey’s pink diamond engagement ring, celebrities sporting a more nontraditional look can be an influencing factor spurring others to follow the same nontraditional course, despite what great-grandmama would’ve deemed proper.

Looking Beyond the Four “C's”

When starting the quest for making the best choices for an engagement ring purchase, one of the first things we’re taught to consider are carat, color, cut and clarity. And while that is how diamonds are certified and valued, gone are the days of relying solely on that certification just to end up picking out a ring from whatever ten pieces a jeweler happens to have in stock in a display case tray."

Finishing off, the article will list 10 engagement ring buying tips, just click here. Be sure to check out our engagement ring selection here.