Spring is just around the corner! And it’s bringing longer days, warmer weather, beautiful blooms and… exciting jewelry trends!The Academy Awards carpet have made it clear, pink is definitely the color of the season! A pink piece in your jewelry collection has become a must have for 2019, according to the world’s leading celebrities. Play with a wide range of shades: rose, bubblegum, magenta, baby pink, rose gold… And guess what! They are the perfect pieces to combine with your wardrobe, in short: Pink is the new black, it always works.

Pearls are the only gemstones made by living creatures, called mollusks. These gemstones have been used as adornment for thousands of years. For instance, people in ancient Greece believed pearls were the tears of the Gods. They are a timeless accessory, and for this are generally perceived as classic and traditional.


Favourite trends to wear this spring


However, we have seen them recently being the center of attention of the hottest looks you can imagine. After enjoying a slow incremental comeback throughout 2018, it is now officially a hot trend: Pearls have been reinvented and modernized for the catwalk, and will definitely be the coolest adornment for your spring outfits.

We have good news: Valentine’s day is not over this year! Heart-shaped fashion has come to stay all year round. The younger demographic has spread a new way to communicate with all types of pictograms, such as images and emojis. This season, we will be showing our affection with heart-shaped jewelry and heart-patterned clothing. There is no need to say these pieces are ideal as gifts no matter the time of the year we are in.


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