If you are ready to rock and stroll, here are your Lower East Side Gallery opening updates for the first week of March: There is a bunch of new exhibitions coming up in the following days. For starters, Sarah Entwistle’s first US solo exhibition is about to be unveiled. "It may prove a mere accident that we met, or it may prove a necessity" is her particular autobiographical exploration through her grandfather’s personal effects. Clive Entwistle was born and bred in Manhattan and committed all his life to architecture. In fact, the installation is inspired by an original design by Clive, and contains a wide range of objects that had been retained for decades in a storage room: drawings, prototypes, architectural models and even his personal correspondence with lovers.

Despite the fact that Entwistle never met her ancestor, she has examined every single piece from this treasure to discover her grandfather’s agitated life, and now it’s ready to be put on display as a part of herself. The opening reception begins at 6pm on March 3, at Signs and Symbols Gallery, 102 Forsyth Street.


Sarah Entwistle first US solo exhibition in the LES


Lyons Wier Gallery is showcasing “Courting Incoherence” by painter Joshua Meyer. The artist reception is held on Saturday, March 2 at 6pm. Come and delight yourself with Meyer’s incredible ability to implicate the viewer: You are encouraged to play an active role in reconstructing the open images.


Joshua Meyer artist reception in Lions Wier Gallery


Aya Takano’s Unio Mystica exhibition is also opening this Saturday between 5 and 8pm. Perrotin presents the artist’s first solo exhibition, consisting of 8 oil paintings, more than 50 drawings, one sculpture and a skateboard deck painting. Aya Takano is a painter, writer, illustrator and manga artist, and well-known for her spirituality and fantastical landscapes. In this occasion, her artwork explores sexuality as an expression of the soul. Don’t forget to stop by!


Last but not least, Aki Sasamoto’s artwork is coming to the Bartolami Gallery. The Japanese artist is internationally acknowledged by her installations and performances. She has collaborated with dozens of multidisciplinary artists. The opening reception takes place on March 1 from 6 to 8pm.

Joshua Meyer artist reception in Lions Wier Gallery



One exhibition is always here for you - we have soooo many new Jewelry designs on display for you to try on. Among them, we have these new jewelry items from Vieri that will give you the sparkle you need to shine in every event. Their simplicity makes them perfect to add the final touch to your everyday looks as well. We adore them all!


Vieri new Tiny Clouds Collection