Here is a new must for your jewelry box. Close your eyes and think of the 90’s. No, its not platform shoes and high waisted denim, its those awesome choker necklaces! This is a major 90’s trend thats upon us again. Although, we associate chokers with 90’s fashion, this style has been around for hundreds of years, being predominantly regarded as high fashion.


Choker necklaces throughout history


This style has evolved with us through history and it keeps coming back on the fashionistas agenda like few other accessories. Did you know that in the Victorian era, despite being associated with class and royalty, ribbons were worn as chokers to signify if a woman was a prostitute? (See: Édouard Manet’s “Olympia” below)




Degas wrapped black ribbons around the necks of his otherwise pastel-delicate ballerinas in a similar fashion, the loose ends fluttering as they moved. It remains a matter of debate, whether he intended their adornment as a commentary on the demands their art placed on the dancers, or whether he simply borrowed the fashion to emphasize the dancers’ long necks.

As a political statement, women wore red ribbons around their necks during the French Revolution to pay homage to those who died at the guillotine. The use of discretion in chokers came alive again in the Depression era to show if a woman was homosexual. One of my favorite rebirths of chokers happened in the 1970's - check Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis out here!

Chokers accessorize any outfit, they really add a level to your going out attire! With the Holidays coming up, and all the years best parties to attend, mixing and matching your different layers of neck decor will be vital! Make sure you have an exciting, attractive choker to bring it all together.

Chokers have held different meanings for different people. For you let it signify personalized fashion, and a great time ringing in the New Year. Check out our chokers here!