Introducing Deific Jewelry


Deific’s jewelry design is a labour of love with every piece completely handcrafted. The motifs for the pieces are other-worldly, conjuring up strange deities, noble warriors, Zen wisdom, Rock N’ Roll lifestyle, and the essences of fascinating world cultures. Such disparate influences bespeak the life of the designer of this line of jewelry, who used his dark hours to fuel his creative outpourings. Being a hybrid of Thai and American, with keen eye for expressing his encompassing worldview through the lens of artwork, Chuck's designs feature both a spiritual romantic vision of the East and a fearless unyielding perspective of the West. Inspired by Aristotle’s philosophy of dialectics that draws tension between opposing perspectives to create insight, his design approach combines elements of high-octane Western lifestyles with the forbidden Eastern world of faith and spirituality. It is this unique tension between the East and West, that sets his designs apart.


“Everything is done by hand, there are absolutely no machines used in the making of Deific’s jewelry,” Chuck says. “If you do everything by hand then you have that creative energy flowing through you.” Indeed, Chuck is involved with every step of the process, from designing to crafting. He casts his jewelry using the lost wax technique, a process by which a duplicate metal structure is cast from the original; he is a master of the process and uses it to produce his intricate designs.


Deific Silver Jewelry


Today Deific’s collections have been cherished by famous Hollywood and international celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Michael Jai White, Buakaw Por Pramuk, and thousands of die hard followers from continents around the world. Cutting-edge story driven designs, razor-sharp attention to the smallest of details, and exceptional craftsmanship are the beloved hallmarks that Deific’s fans keep coming back to. The studio is now situated in the heart of gemstone district in Bangkok with a retail location in a multiyear award-winning luxury shopping center. I would like to invite you to experience the journey and unearth your true power of potential found within our jewelry that encapsulates the divine - the Deific.


Deific Silver Jewelry



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