Beyonce is not the only celebrity that has noticed Monika's beautiful LEOPOLDINE earrings. Oprah chose the earrings to be featured in a segment titled “Going for the Gold” in O, the Oprah Magazine. And while we love the large size of the LEOPOLDINE, Monika decided to customize the earrings to make them wearable for all of our clients. Click here to view smaller the version, LEORA

How did Beyoncé discover the Gilded Lace collection?

Beyoncé and her family visited NYC during the singer’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and stopped by Henri Bendel’s on Fifth Ave. Monika of course was very excited to hear that they loved her Gilded Lace jewelry and left with the beautiful DOROTHY Cuff and LEOPOLDINE Earrings, both dipped in 24-karat gold.

Beyonce wearing Monika Knutsson


How were Beyoncé’s earrings made?

Gilded Lace designer Monika Knutsson found a uniquely beautiful lace while at the Porte de Clignancourt flea-market, a vintage paradise located in the northern part of Paris. The lace that makes the LEOPOLDINE earrings is 1920s Calais lace that was once used for brassieres (an old fashioned full-cup bra). It is of exquisite quality; a thin and delicate lace.

Leopoldine Lace

Monika chose the tear-drop shape in order for the earrings to show a significant amount of the intricate lace while maintaining a delicate form. The earrings are very light and versatile. They move easily with any bodily movement and glisten in the light, which is great for stage performers. For the earring studs, Monika used the same size of an American penny.

Each LEOPOLDINE earring has a slightly different pattern depending on from where on the sheet of Calais lace the pieces are cut out. Therefore, every pair has a unique look.

Leopoldine making of

Once the shapes are cut out from the Calais lace, they are dipped in a thin lacquer, allowing the lace to retain its design and intricate structure. The pieces are then dipped in 24k gold, which is a slow and careful process.  The gold hardens and encases the lace, preserving its design.


Each piece of Gilded Lace jewelry has a unique and impressive history essential to its creation and beauty. We want our clients to know the story behind their purchases.  Thus, with each piece of Gilded Lace jewelry, we fasten a tag that tells the story behind lace and includes a piece of the original lace.