After the great success of last year’s Cider Week, NYC has another opportunity to support local orchards while reviving heirloom apple varieties that won't find a place in modern supermarkets. Starting today with multiple events all over Manhattan and Brooklyn (more infos), Cider Week NY will make a stop in the Lower East Side this Sunday, October 23rd (12-4), when the Lower East Cider Fest brings the Orchards back to Orchard...


Lower East Cider Festival


Your Cider Wiki Cider is fermented apple juice, very comparable to wine (exchange apples for grapes). Some say that Cider is ready to take over the world, as it has half the calories at half the price of wine. Learn every detail about Cider on Sunday, when Wassail will be hosting the New York Cider Association’s Fermentation Station, a 21+, pay-as-you-go experience outside their restaurant serving select pours to demonstrate qualities such as tannin, acidity, sugar, and aroma and how they express themselves in a finished, fermented product. Now, Cider is said to have a lot of Pectin (=stills hunger), but keep in mind that after testing 8 or more Ciders, it is highly recommend to have a bite. The Wassail crew recommends a special roasted pork Loin as well as a smoked duck breast, however we assume that your nose will end up driving you in the direction of your preferred snack as dozens of street food vendors will try to seduce you.

We actually have a cider expert in our own rows, as our intern Gabriel is a french native. He knows that Cider can reduce your body odor as it helps adjusting pH levels, and that Cider helps with Diabetes! Stop by to chat Cider and more on Sunday, we are open 10.30-9 PM.