AltSchool is a trendy new private school with a curriculum much like a dot-com startup. Meaning, lessons are taught with a technology-driven approach. The progressive educational facility inaugurated the first east coast branch earlier this fall in Brooklyn Heights, its sixth outside Silicon Valley. By next school year (fall 2016), there will be a campus for the Lower East Side, offering services for kindergarten through 6th grade (though, such classifications are avoided). The official website reveals the address as 310 East Houston, the condo building that currently houses Banco Popular in the ground level.

"At AltSchool, we encourage interdisciplinary learning and avoid artificial separation between subjects. Encouraging students to learn by doing, we promote a deeper level of understanding. Teaching may originate in the classroom, but will continue on trips throughout the community, at home, or even on family vacations (which are welcomed throughout the year)."

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is apparenrly a big proponent. He reportedly led a $100 million financing round for the school last spring.

(Found on BoweryBoogie)