Born in November? You literally are lucky - Citrine, one of your birthstones, is said to be the gemstone of the fortunate! In ancient times, Citrine was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts.

Today, Citrine (French for “lemon”) is known as the merchant’s stone and is associated with success and prosperity, but it is also known as the “healing quartz” for its ability to comfort, soothe and calm. It can release negative feelings, spark imagination and manifest fresh beginnings. From my experience, people with frequent back pain seek to wear Citrine on them, probably based on a word of mouth advice from friends, which many times seems to come from the fact that the Citrine is considered a solar plexus chakra stone. Citrine's nickname as the "Merchant / Success Stone" also has a deep meaning to many - you will find a Citrine as a staple lucky charm in many cash registers of the world.


Citrine Gemstone Ring


Citrine’s yellow hues are caused by traces of iron in quartz crystals. Brazil is the largest supplier of Citrine. Other sources include Spain, Bolivia, France, Russia, Madagascar and the U.S. (Colorado, North Carolina and California). Different geographies yield different shades of citrine, usually the most sought-after Citrine gemstones have a clear, radiant yellowish to brownish / red color.

One more thing to keep in mind about the Citrine is that it is also the gemstone of the 13th wedding anniversary. Check out our Citrine pieces here and find many more in our Boutique.