A new article on Brides.com sheds some light on the question whether there is any reason to take off your engagement ring at night, including my very own humble opinion.


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From the article: "According to Richard Wubnig, director of sales at Gerald Peters fine jewelry store in Staten Island, sleeping with your engagement ring on is in fact not a good idea. "An engagement ring is a fine piece of jewelry and should be treated as such," he says. "It's easy when you're asleep for your ring to get caught in things such as your hair or on your sheets and this can cause the stone to loosen in the setting." Richard's advice is to have one safe spot in your house as the only place you ever take your ring off and store it to prevent from losing it. "This way when your ring is not on you, there is only one place it could be." Fair enough.

Torsten Flaegel, owner of Yaf Sparkle, an independent jewelry boutique in the heart of NYC's Lower East Side, disagrees…well, sort of. In his opinion, the biggest pro is that you can't lose it when you wear it, he tells us, particularly when sleeping away from home. "I see nothing but pros, as an engagement ring and wedding band is made to be worn at all times and to many people it seems to be bad luck to take it off frequently."

There are two cases, however, that it could be detrimental, he acknowledges. "If you chose a stone other than white diamonds or the other precious stones such as sapphire, emeralds and rubies, then you might want to find out the hardness of your stone on the Mohs scale. "Opals, for example, are rather fragile, and it might make the wearer feel more comfortable to put it away safely. The other case is simply if your ring is too tight and you tend to swell up over night." Read on here!

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