Happy August friends! As the summer starts to wrap up, we’re all in store for a huge treat! There is an extremely powerful solar eclipse occurring on the 21st of August, just to wrap up Leo season. You get the rare opportunity to experience the divinity of the union between the Moon and the Sun. They can bring magnificent change to your life, almost like a new year, and bring a great chance to spiritually shift yourself and awaken yourself to a deeper level of being. A great way you can accomplish all of these things is through three different stones.



The first stone is the sunstone, which is known as the gem of sacral leadership. The sunstone improves will power and thus encourages one to take action and follow through on intentions. Think of something forcing you to keep your new years resolution. Embodying the vibrant energy of the Sun, it shines light on areas of our lives that need attention and assists in diffusing fear, stress, and any bad vibrations. An abundance stone that promotes happiness, independence and originality, Sunstone is a terrific ally in maintaining positivity and integrity when working through the shadow of an eclipse.


Moonstone is the feminine stone of mystery and new beginnings, the natural partner to Sunstone for any type of eclipse. Its reflective quality reminds us to look for your light within during times of darkness. Nurturing spiritual development, inner wisdom and emotional stability, it’s a dynamic stone to use during transformative periods of cosmic influence. As Moonstone connects us to the rhythm of the Earth’s oceans and the Moon’s cycles, it instills a sense of confidence in the flow of life and our ability to carry on.


Third, we have Labradorite, which is the crystal that works best to balance the opposite energies of the Sun and Moon stones. Often referred to as the “dark moonstone”, Labradorite is a magical stone used to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It provides a protective shield for your aura while facilitating lucid dreams as well as a stronger intuition. It aids communication with spiritual guides and connects us to a higher state of consciousness, allowing the shift of the eclipse to fully integrate and propel us forward in a favorable way.


Being the important month August already is due to ringing in the end of summer and beginning of fall, the start of school and beginning of Virgo season, this super eclipse is making this special month into an extra special month. You can begin to reflect on the past summer and think about what changes you’re going to make during the upcoming year. Let these three stones help you transform through the eclipse and illuminate this shadowy day with your inner light.