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Yaf Sparkle creates custom designed pieces in 14k, 18k and 24k White, Yellow and Pink Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver, and has a vast experience in making exclusive types of jewelry, from bracelets, earrings, and rings to necklaces and even brooches and body / intimate jewelry. Any gemstone is thinkable, and many times a precious heirloom stone is the starting point for a unique jewelry creation. Contact us now and start the conversation.







Yaf Sparkle custom jewelry pieces have become an integral part in many people's lives, be it in form of a wedding band, a redesign to host a treasured stone or a fun creation, "just because". Turning a client's dream into a sparkling reality has always been Yaf's biggest passion, as a matter of fact she smilingly calls herself a "world class engagement ring consultant". With over a dozen years of experience in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, Yaf Sparkle has a vast expertise in any matter regarding the design process, from assessing the feasibility of the idea and turning it into a design sketch to evaluating the quality and value of the stones and the synergy with all materials involved. 


In the animation above you can see the design process that went into creating a beautifully unique engagement ring. The communication between the client and the designer during such process is of utmost importance, and the deep understanding of the properties of gemstones and metals is of essential value when it comes to manifesting the vision in the best possible way.







When a gemstone is too precious to be laying in your drawer but the design doesn't speak to you, it may be time for a redesign. An inherited piece can be revived, negative connotations can be swept away and turned into a joyful, new creation. Contact us now to talk about the possibilities of a custom redesign.


Every piece tells its own story, and in the case of a custom creation that story multiplies by the process of conceiving the piece. From the birth of an idea to the finished product, we are here to guide and support you in making your dream creation reality. 


Once you book your appointment with your personal jewelry consultant, you have started a process that will result in a piece of finest quality and is crafted by highly specialized artisans, made by hand in New York City. 


Contact us to to start the exchange. What are your desires, your expectations, what is the story behind the piece? Whether you are interested in an engagement ring, wedding band, bracelet, pendant or a necklace, we’ll do all it takes to support you in creating exactly what your heart desires. If precious or semi-precious stones are integrated, we’ll consult in terms of the shape, carat weight, color and other criteria. Once the gemstones are chosen, we’ll help you decide on the proper setting. You may want to bring in pictures, photos or a drawing to show what you have in mind. We can also work develop something from scratch with you.


Never a necessity but always loaded with emotional value, many people consider fine jewelry as the most precious materialistic possession one can own. A look into any hotel safe in the world is a testament to the inseparable connection between the owner and her jewelry. A custom-designed piece means your jewelry is precious and absolutely unique, a keepsake family heirloom that will never be compromised.



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