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  • Deific Jewelry, Lotus Dagger Gem SM Pendant

Deific Jewelry, Lotus Dagger Gem SM Pendant

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The hilt of the blade forged in the shape of the lotus provides this amulet a force akin to the mystical Iron Lotus itself. Forged deep behind the bamboo curtain of the North, the icy steel of blade grants a divine precision to strike the weakness of any obstruction, beheading all that will against one in life. Guided by the aura of gemstones, the path that once shrouded in darkness then becomes much clearer.


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Deific Jewelry, Lotus Dagger Gem SM Pendant, 925 Sterling Silver. Length: 1.4 inches / 37 mm. Truly handcrafted. No 3D printings or automated machinery. Usually ships within 1 day, unless color is out of stock. On hand White Cz, Synthetic Ruby and Synthetic Sapphire.

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