Deific Jewelry

Deific Jewelry

“In Thailand I have Buddhism and in Los Angeles I have Rock N’ Roll.” This is the mantra of Chuck Thanalertvisuti, owner of Deific Jewelry, who has overcome hardship and heartbreak to become the designer of a hauntingly beautiful exclusive jewelry line. Clearly Deific’s jewelry is a labour of love with every piece entirely handcrafted, keeping alive the dying art of wax molding.

The designs come from the journey of Chuck's life which has focused on understanding and experiencing inspiring beliefs from revered cultures around the world. Being a hybrid of Thai and American, with a keen eye for expressing his encompassing worldview through the lens of artwork, Chuck's designs feature both a spiritual romantic vision of the East and a fearless unyielding perspective of the West. Inspired by Aristotle’s philosophy of dialectics that draws tension between opposing perspectives to create insight, the design approach combines elements of high-octane Western lifestyles with the forbidden Eastern world of faith and spirituality to set his designs apart.

  1. Deific Jewelry, Fame Ring

    Deific Jewelry, Fame Ring

    Deific, the divine, forged in perfect precision embodies the will and the power of the individual. Our logo never afraid to take a center stage and so should you. Learn More
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    Deific Jewelry, Shield Ring

    Deific Jewelry, Shield Ring

    Regular Price: $360.00

    Special Price $270.00

    The Deific signature royal coat of arms (logo) combines with the steel strength of the shield forged in great details. This ring is a symbol of the braves and the desire to grow stronger with each passing day. Learn More
  3. Deific Jewelry, Forever Double Blade Ring

    Deific Jewelry, Forever Double Blade Ring

    Combining together in an exquisite show of power, the forces of night and day crash into each other in this ring talisman. The double lotus blades juxtapose these temporal dimensions, with sun and moon glyphs radiating from the opposing sides. The wearer of this piece is not a bystander in life, he is the source of action who unleashes an elemental will upon the world. Learn More
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    Deific Jewelry, Guardian Ring

    Deific Jewelry, Guardian Ring

    Regular Price: $330.00

    Special Price $247.00

    Combine Deific royal coat of arms logo with a stone castle wall design and you have an instant classic. This ring is as bold and confident as you are. Certified 925 Sterling Silver. Learn More
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    Deific Jewelry, Royal Crown Solo Onyx Bracelet

    Deific Jewelry, Royal Crown Solo Onyx Bracelet

    Regular Price: $160.00

    Special Price $118.00

    A majestic beauty with a touch of glittering gemstones. Deific designed these silver charms to work together with genuine Onyx beads to bring out the best of what a stone bracelet can offer. Whether it is style, symbolic meanings, or spiritual energy that you want, Deific has got you cover with this fantastic bracelet. Learn More