The innovative spirit of the house of Delanacre is primarily distinguished for its unique creation. We feature a combination of Tahitian pearl and mother of pearl engraved and polished, as well as crystal jewelry by Swarovski and precious and also semi precious stones faceted as Citrine, Peridot, or Amethyst are also available.

  1. Delanacre, Gipsy Earrings Amethyst

    Delanacre, Gipsy Earrings Amethyst

    "Gipsy Earrings Amethyst" are very elegant dangling earrings, good for everyday use but they also know how to shine as a fashion accessory. Learn More
  2. Delanacre, Petite Amethyst Bracelet Junior

    Delanacre, Petite Amethyst Bracelet Junior

    Beautiful handmade Bracelet in 14K Gold-filled, with genuine semi-precious stones: Amethyst faceted roundel. Learn More
  3. Delanacre, Mousheka Lila Amethyst

    Delanacre, Mousheka Lila Amethyst

    "Mousheka Lila" carries rich violet and sultry red wine tones delicately and vertically along the jawline to the neck. Learn More
  4. Delanacre, Lila Dormeuses Amethyst

    Delanacre, Lila Dormeuses Amethyst

    "Lila Dormeuses" presents a beautiful vintage style design complimented with the hand cut Amethyst tear drop pendants. Learn More
  5. Delanacre, Cupidon Bracelet

    Delanacre, Cupidon Bracelet

    "Cupidon" is an exquisitely hand carved piece of Mother of Pearl containing a beautiful symbol of a heart with an arrow piercing it. Learn More