The innovative spirit of the house of Delanacre is primarily distinguished for its unique creation. We feature a combination of Tahitian pearl and mother of pearl engraved and polished, as well as crystal jewelry by Swarovski and precious and also semi precious stones faceted as Citrine, Peridot, or Amethyst are also available.

  1. Delanacre, Corail Long Necklace

    Delanacre, Corail Long Necklace

    "Corail Long" follows the beautiful line of contrasting warm and cold hues of the Carnelian and the Apatite, into a long and fun necklace. Learn More
  2. Delanacre, Corail Earrings with Apatite and Carnelian gemstone

    Delanacre, Corail Earrings

    Beautiful handmade drop earrings with genuine gemstones. Elegant meets edgy - Paris meets New York. Signature Delanacre craftsmanship. Handmade in USA. Learn More
  3. Delanacre, Aquamarine Bracelet Mousheka

    Delanacre, Aquamarine Bracelet Mousheka

    Beautiful handmade Bracelet, with Sterling Silver chain and Aquamarine faceted roundel, Iolite and Garnet gemstones, on hammered circle. Learn More