The innovative spirit of the house of Delanacre is primarily distinguished for its unique creation. We feature a combination of Tahitian pearl and mother of pearl engraved and polished, as well as crystal jewelry by Swarovski and precious and also semi precious stones faceted as Citrine, Peridot, or Amethyst are also available.

  1. Delanacre, multi colored Tourmalines Necklace "Dolce Vita"

    Delanacre, multi colored Tourmalines Necklace "Dolce Vita"

    Beautiful hand made necklace "Dolce Vita" by Delanacre with genuine Tourmaline gemstones in all their colorful varieties. Unique elegance, made by hand in NYC. Learn More
  2. Delanacre, Dolce Vita Bracelet

    Delanacre, Dolce Vita Bracelet

    "Dolce Vita" bracelet expresses the beauty of the rainbow through multiple colored natural Tourmalines. Learn More
  3. Delanacre, Candy Jade Earrings

    Delanacre, Candy Jade Earrings

    "Candy Jade" enlightens the child in all of us with this delicate play in pastel pinks and blues wrapped up all in one stone! Learn More
  4. Delanacre, Melody Necklace

    Delanacre, Melody Necklace

    "Melody" necklace provides a warmth through the Yellow Tourmalines and 14K Yellow Gold around the hand carved Mother of Pearl medallion like only the best melody can. Learn More
  5. Delanacre, Ruby & Pearl Chandelier Earrings "Legend"

    Delanacre, Ruby & Pearl Chandelier Earrings "Legend"

    Beautiful handmade Sterling Silver Chandelier earrings with genuine Ruby precious stones, brown Tourmaline gemstones and Freshwater Pearls Learn More