John Varvatos

John Varvatos

For the first time, John Varvatos presents a Jewelry collection for men. “Jewelry has always held an important place in our brand DNA. Last fall, while searching for the right partner to further develop and create a more robust collection, I met renowned jeweler Gurhan Orhan,” Varvatos said. “We immediately connected on so many levels. Together we’ve created a very special and unique signature collection.” The design process typically entails long afternoons where John settles in at Gurhan’s TriBeCa-based Atelier, and together they meticulously review and inspect beads, stones, colors, textures and design drawings. This inaugural collection is comprised of over 100 pieces, crafted using precious and semi-precious gemstones, Sterling Silver, bronze, brass, leather and 18k gold, and has a distinctive style – strong, independent and edgy while completely realizing the rebel spirit inherent to the Varvatos brand.

  1. John Varvatos, Feather Cuff

    John Varvatos, Feather Cuff

    Intricately entwined, the unique braided aesthetic of this cuff with the feather commands a refined, yet impactful presence. Individually handcrafted and made from 925 Sterling Silver, it’s a prime illustration of the union between art and craft. Learn More
  2. John Varvatos, Silver Multi-stranded Cuff

    John Varvatos, Silver Multi-stranded Cuff

    Intricate design meets old-world technique in this Sterling Silver cuff. Black Diamonds run across the cuff. Individually handcrafted by skilled artisans, the unique woven motif has an elevated and refined appeal. Learn More
  3. John Varvatos, Jasper & Bronze Beaded Necklace

    John Varvatos, Jasper & Bronze Beaded Necklace

    925 Sterling Silver chain with skull tag and Bronze fold over skull clasp. Whether it’s worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist, the sterling silver chain offset with jasper and Bronze beads creates an enticing effect. This handcrafted piece is full of thoughtful details throughout, including our exclusive folding skull clasp. Learn More
  4. John Varvatos, Bronze Dog Tag Necklace

    John Varvatos, Bronze Dog Tag Necklace

    This dog tag keeps things classify, simple, and sophisticated. Hung on a modest chain featuring John Varvatos's exclusive skull folding clasp as a final point of difference.Learn More
  5. John Varvatos, Silver Raven Necklace

    John Varvatos, Silver Raven Necklace

    Steeped in mystique and intrigue, each one of these necklaces are entirely handcrafted by skilled Artisans. A bold raven motif pendant, the substantial sterling silver is offset with Black Diamond eyes, adding dimension and a sophisticated attentiveness to detail. Learn More