Monika Knutsson

Monika Knutsson

The Gilded Lace collection is jewelry designed and made by Monika Knutsson, a third generation lace artist. The jewelry is made from early to mid – 1900’s lace that is dipped in Sterling Silver, 18K Pink Gold or 24k Yellow Gold. Many times, Monika finds the lace at various flea markets in Paris, Berlin and New York. Find out more about the Cuban Lace collection here. The vintage lace is hand-made and mostly comes from petticoats, corset covers, and the bottoms of bloomers. Her inspiration for the designs comes from studying the way lace was fitted on men’s and women’s clothing during the first half of the 20th century. The gilded lace collection is a beautiful choice for bridal wear accessories, and will stand out in any event. Read more about Gold dipped antique lace in this NYTimes article  that sheds a light on Monika's work and her famous admirers. (Beyonce / The Mrs. Carter Show Photographs: Nick Farrell, Nina Quintana)

  1. Monika Knutsson, Rita Lace Earrings

    Monika Knutsson, Rita Lace Earrings

    Inside these earrings lies 1920's German cotton bobbin lace used as dress trim. Dipped in 24K Rose Gold.Limited Edition. Made in New York City. Learn More
  2. Monika Knutsson, Dolores Lace Earrings

    Monika Knutsson, Dolores Lace Earrings

    Large chandelier drop earrings made from 1970s American Guipure lace. Dipped in 24k Yellow Gold.Limited Edition. Made in New York City. Learn More
  3. Monika Knutsson, Fernande Cuff

    Monika Knutsson, Fernande Cuff

    Inside this unique piece of hand-crafted Gilded Lace jewelry lies 1920s French cotton Calais lace used for women's bandeaux. Dipped in Sterling Silver.Limited edition. Made in New York. Learn More
  4. Monika Knutsson, EsperanzaLace Cuff, Cuba Collection

    Monika Knutsson, Esperanza Lace Cuff

    The two smaller cuffs of the Cuban collection are named after fashion designer Carmen Fiol’s two daughters: Esperanza and Luz Maria. This cuff with two flower cutouts is the Esperanza. The sister cuffs were inspired by the beautiful town of Havana, their birthplace. The open flower design in the front combined with the pin tuck fabric, and lace insertions are all typical of Carmen Fiol’s intricate dress designs. These cuffs will definitely make a statement, whether it’s a night out in Havana or not! Learn More
  5. Monika Knutsson, Danitza Earrings

    Monika Knutsson, Danitza Earrings

    In honor of the late Carmen Fiol, a Cuban fashion designer and national treasure, Monika designed these earrings, made from handmade antique lace, dipped in Yellow Gold. These unique dangling earrings are very light and comfortable to wear. Learn More