Yaf Sparkle Jewelry

Yaf Sparkle Jewelry

"Jewelry is more than a means of ornate decoration"

Yaf Sparkle encompasses a collection of carefully selected and personally created pieces that are based on the simple ideal of "living in pleasure", living a life adorned with the pleasures that move us, inspire us and proudly showcase our unique personality and style. Be it bold or delicate, the Yaf Sparkle collection ranges from fun colorful stackable "Gratitude Rings" to one of a kind custom precious stones and metal jewelry. Yaf Sparkle designs are sexy, fun and uniquely you.

  1. Yaf Sparkle, Beaded Bracelet, Yellow Jade

    Yaf Sparkle, Beaded Bracelet, Yellow Jade

    Yaf Sparkle Genuine Gemstone beaded bracelet. One size fits all. Stack them to create your unique look and match your outfit. Learn More