Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces & Pendants

Enjoy browsing this carefully curated selection of beautiful handmade Necklaces and Pendants. Choose from Sterling Silver pieces by Buddha to Buddha, gilded Vintage Lace by Monika Knutsson, timeless elegance by Yaf Sparkle, contemporary geometric designs by Yelena Noah and many more. Narrow down your personal favorites by selecting your preferences in the bottom (desktop: left sidebar) at your convenience - choose from a variety of gemstones, designers, metals and more.

  1. Delenacre, Amethyst Necklace

    Delanacre, Amethyst Necklace

    These beautiful Amethysts show the lovely variations in shade found in the exquisite purple Amethyst. Learn More
  2. Delanacre, Golden Necklace

    Delanacre, Golden Necklace

    "Golden" necklace is made from natural golden Freshwater Pearls bringing a very antique aesthetic. Learn More
  3. John Varvatos, Silver Dagger Necklace

    John Varvatos, Silver Dagger Necklace

    Rebellious style with a debonair undercurrent, this necklace is handcrafted by skilled Artisans. A single Black Diamond adorns the hilt of the Silver dagger pendant further elevating the piece, with the thick unique chain featuring John Varvatos's exclusive skull folding clasp as a final point of difference. Learn More
  4. John Varvatos, Feather and Skull Mixed Charm Pendant

    John Varvatos, Feather and Skull Mixed Charm Pendant

    A gorgeous Sterling Silver skull pendant and a Brass Feather with a distressed look made by hand. Handcrafted and strung on 925 Sterling Silver chain, finished with John Varvatos' signature skull folding clasp.Learn More
  5. New Julie Vos, Savannah Pendant

    Julie Vos, Savannah Pendant


    Sparkling faceted imported Glass Pendant with a glossy diamond-finish cap on a stunning two stranded 36 inch box Chain that doubles to 18 inches. Designed and handcrafted to the standards of fine jewelry. Shop THE SAVANNAH COLLECTION

    Learn More